YY Security Installations Ltd

YY Security Installations Ltd has built its reputation by providing a first-class  installation and servicing of security equipment across London and the Home Counties.

The Challenge:
When YY’s contracts manager, Luke Marden, was tasked with reviewing all supplier contracts at YY Security Installations, one of his first objectives was to ensure that the business was getting optimum value for money and quality of service.

In 2018, following a referral from an existing customer, Vanilla Cloud was instructed to analyse all mobile accounts within YY Security Installation’s communications networks. The objectives for Vanilla Cloud were:

• to help deliver a streamlined provision
• to realise cost savings
• to propose a future proof cloud-based telecoms solution

It was quickly established that YY Security Installations was tied into contracts with multiple suppliers, using in excess of 135 mobile and tablet devices across the business.

Reflecting upon this, Luke Marden said: “These devices are integral to the work carried out by staff within the business, who require them to manage the complicated security networks operated by YY Security Installations for our customers. Therefore, the key requirement for Vanilla Cloud was to deliver cost savings and a much simpler billing platform.”

In addition, the hosted solution that was in place at YY Security Installations head office was not fit for purpose. The team experienced regular dropped calls and line faults, resulting in customers, both existing and potential, often being unable to make contact. The incumbent supplier was unresponsive to complaints and offered few suggestions for improvements. The poor communications setup was expensive and was hampering the business.

The Solution:
While negotiations were ongoing regarding existing contracts, Vanilla Cloud undertook the installation of a Gamma Horizon cloud-based solution at YY Security Installations’ new premises in Bow, East London.  Once this solution was in put in place efficiently and on budget, Vanilla Cloud set about overhauling the complicated communications setup at YY Security Installations’ head office and retail outlets.

The most pressing concern was the dropped calls and line faults. It was identified that calls and data were being delivered over the same 100mg connection and this was vastly insufficient for the businesses’ requirements. In addition, the traffic that the connection was being asked to deliver was resulting in regular bills for overuse charges. Vanilla Cloud then started separating YY Security Installations’ voice and data networks, with the provision of new line connections, routers and data switches.

Luke, YY Security Installations, said: “Overnight this resolved the problem of dropped calls. Thanks to Vanilla Cloud we now have a reliable and efficient communications set up and are confident in the quality of service from across its communications network.”

Steve Head of Vanilla Cloud said: “The new cloud-based system is able to accommodate all relevant calls, lines, data and SIP (international and geographic) trunks / lines, with the ability to seamlessly divert users’ DDI and individual extension numbers to other locations as required.”


Challenges Encountered
At the outset, there were a number of different suppliers providing various aspects of YY Security Installations’ communications network, including mobile, data and hosted systems. Untangling which supplier was responsible for which connections was a complicated process. Various existing contractual commitments also preventing Vanilla Cloud from becoming YY Securities’ sole supplier and realising immediate cost savings.

There were in excess of 40 telephone numbers, including DDIs and alarm lines, which needed to be ported into Vanilla Cloud’s network. This process required efficient management to ensure all numbers were retained by YY Securities without loss of service experienced.

The most immediate benefit of moving their communications systems to Vanilla Cloud’s network was the achievement of a reliable service. Separating voice and data networks has helped achieve this, ensuring the business can operate smoothly. YY Securities Ltd was spending in excess of £5.5k per month on various communications commitments. Having transferred YY’s communications systems to Vanilla Cloud’s network, the company is on track to realise great savings,

Reflecting upon the move from managing multiple suppliers to having Vanilla Cloud solely responsible for the entirety of YY Securities’ communications, contracts manager, Luke Marden said: “Thanks to Vanilla Cloud, we now have full transparency of our costs across all areas of the communications systems.

“Most importantly, we have a reliable and vastly improved service, a single point of contact and a future proof, scalable solution. As a business, YY Securities is expanding rapidly and is looking to open new sites across London. We are confident that we have a communications provider that can deliver the service, the customer care and the technology that our business needs for future success.”


Open View Group

OpenView is the UK’s largest privately-owned independent security company. It provides unique, innovative and technologically excellent solutions to meet client needs in the private and public sectors. Open View operates a national branch network of six strategically located offices and employs in excess of 330 people.

The Challenge:
Following a referral from an existing customer, Vanilla Cloud conducted a full audit of all mobile accounts within Open View’s communications networks. This comprised 750+ connections with multiple suppliers.

A full analysis was made of the current billing for the numerous connections. Vanilla Cloud was then able to demonstrate the potential for savings of up to 45% across the network, with reduced costs for line and hardware rental and call charges.

The Solution:
Vanilla Cloud drew up a detailed schedule of Open View’s contract conclusion dates with the various incumbent providers. This ensured the customer didn’t fall foul of any penalties for early termination. During this process it was identified that a number of connections were no longer required, resulting in further cost savings for Open View than previously estimated. The schedule was then used to manage the porting of each number into Vanilla Cloud’s network to prevent any potential loss of service for end users.

Following this streamlining process of suppliers to having Vanilla Cloud solely responsible for Open View’s mobile communications, Open View’s Group Director, Paul Bullen said:

“We have no hesitation in recommending Vanilla Cloud. They respond to all our calls and requests professionally and promptly and without question make our life much easier.

“Knowing that our requirements will be actioned without having to chase for confirmation is just so reassuring. We review annually and each time Vanilla Cloud’s pricing comes in by far the most competitive and because we already have a high level of client service we do not hesitate in renewing our contract. 

“Thank you to Vanilla Cloud and the service team that has supported us over the years.”



Mortlake Crematorium

Mortlake Crematorium was licensed in 1936 under the Mortlake Crematorium Act as a joint municipal venture, undertaken by the Boroughs of Hammersmith, Richmond, Barnes and Acton. The Crematorium lies within the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. It is situated on the banks of the River Thames by Chiswick Bridge and serves the west and south-west of London.

The Challenge:
The telephone system in place had reached the end of its operational limits, particularly as far as mobility, reliability and messaging was concerned and was no longer able to cope with the requirements of the Crematorium or, more importantly, their customers.

Mortlake Crematorium published a tender of their needs and requirements to the industry, selected ten potential suppliers, shortlisted five and finally awarded the contract to Vanilla Cloud Ltd as the preferred supplier and so the project began.

The Solution:
Vanilla Cloud Ltd recommended the award winning and global leader Avaya IP Office, rich with applications, functions and flexibility to guarantee a high level of service by optimising functionality, messaging, ease of use and management tools. With intelligent re-routing from landline to mobile, single number operation, centralised management from one portal and high availability of services, the IP Office solution updated an ageing telephone system by making it a fully IP system.

Natasha Bradshaw F.ICCM Superintendent & Registrar at Mortlake Crematorium wrote: “We saw instant results with ease of use and contact with everyone we speak to on a daily basis. With improvement in collaboration tools between the teams and staff working around the premises and better management and administration thanks to highly specialised statistical tools, we are delighted. The entire process from planning, installation, training and after care supplied by Vanilla Cloud was exceptional. Our monthly telecoms expenditure was reduced by around 37% which was more than predicted and if we needed to speak with Vanilla Cloud for information or advice they were available at the drop of a hat, no matter what the time, day or importance of the query!”



Leading Hotels of the World

Established in 1928, The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd (LHW) is a luxury hospitality consortium owned by Hotel Representative, A.G. It is the largest luxury hotel collection, with more than 430 hotels and resorts in over 80 countries and is headquartered in New York City, with offices in 25 cities worldwide.

The London regional office was based in its West End offices for over 15 years but when the lease expired at the end of 2012 they planned a move into a newly renovated prestigious building located in EC2V.
LHW was approached by Vanilla Cloud Ltd to offer a solution for a painless telephone relocation from the West End to the City of London.

The Challenge:
The ability to answer calls promptly and efficiently is vital to any business success, but LHW was experiencing hurdles with the new project.
It was of paramount importance to the customer that the business kept their existing telephone number, even though the new offices were to be located at a different exchange. In addition, the customer was concerned that with multiple suppliers involved it would be difficult pinpoint issues and resolve problems quickly.

The Solution:
Vanilla Cloud recommended Avaya IP Office in conjunction with their bespoke Network Services portfolio of calls, lines, data and SIP (international and geographic) trunks / lines as a very flexible system and solution to their requirements.

Jackie Wicks, Manager Administration at LHW, explains: “Vanilla Cloud was the only company out of three of the companies shortlisted during the selection / tender process to recommend new technologies in conjunction with trusted and tested robust products, solutions and designs to enable us to achieve all we wanted. Vanilla Cloud proposed a complete ‘one stop’ solution managed by one provider from line provisioning (calls and data) to system planning, installation, maintenance and training, all whilst keeping a keen eye on our very specific requirements.

In accordance with their proposal, our expectations and delight, Vanilla Cloud managed the project from beginning to end in a friendly, professional manor, delivering on time and within budget. With the solution in place LHW have already seen dramatic process improvements, high praise on the new feature rich, easy to use IP handsets, easier collaboration from remote users and telephony costs reduced by in excess of 40%.”

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