Cloud Backup

Disaster-proofing sounds dramatic but if a power outage, hardware failure, cyber-attack, file corruption, human error, storms or flooding hit your data centre – the impact on your website, operating systems or customer data could be significant.

Cloud backup services for business provide a complete server back up. It means the swift recovery of your entire business environment, business continuity, minimal downtime and limited operational impact.

Benefits of cloud backup

IT disaster recovery

Plans scenarios for resuming work quickly and reducing interruptions in the aftermath of disaster. It is important part of a business continuity plan and allows for a sufficient IT recovery and the prevention of data loss..

Off site business data backup

Your businesses data is automatically backed up, either to the cloud or to a dedicated off-site data centre. It ensures your information is stored in an extra, remote place and cannot be destroyed like physical storage devices.

Recovery documents

Allows easy access to any information or lost files. It means that any company storing files or data online can keep files securely, confidentially and well backed up.